Image of Bea is Thunder and Magic Enamel Pin

Bea is Thunder and Magic Enamel Pin


Short Story
I designed these pins and am selling them for $10.01(Bea’s Birthday is October 1st) and donating all of the proceeds from their sale to the Aurora Sinai NICU to benefit that unit however the NICU team finds the money fit to be used. We are also donating the cost we would have spent to make the pinbacks, ($310) because Bayview Printing Company is amazing and wanted to donate their services to this fundraising event as well. Math tells us that if we sell all 100 pins at $10.01 each = $1001.00 + $310.00(BVPC production cost) = $1311 to the Aurora Sinai NICU.

There are only 100 pins.

Long Story
Our daughter, Bea was born at Aurora Sinai on October 1st, 2018, 4 months early. Immediately following her birth, Bea was brought to Sinai’s NICU to continue her development. While each and every day that followed was full of so much worry, we found comfort knowing our daughter was in the highly capable and deeply loving hands that made up Bea’s care team.
We say care team because we can’t stop short at just her Nurses and Doctors because we were honestly loved and cared for from the minute we entered the building, with the security staff and even building engineers asking us daily, “How is miss Bea today?” It’s there that Bea’s team did everything they could to get Bea as healthy and strong as she could be. This is not to say that we were the only people in the NICU as we shared the unit with dozens of other families whose babies were also fighting hard each day, and Nurses and Doctors who fought along with them.
It is because of this experience, that we continue to offer our support and give back to the place and people who gave us so much.

It’s also in the Sinai NICU at this time that Yalanda and I met some of the parents whose babies were also in the NICU with Bea. One of these parent’s was Ashley Town of Bayview Printing Company, though we didn’t know that at the time and only learned this later on because “Smallwaukee”.

Wanting to give back to the NICU, and wanting to commemorate Bea’s birth and create art to connect with Bea(more on later) we decided to create enamel pins to wear and sell and donate the profits from their sale to the NICU.
Moving ahead some months and after seeing pinbacks produced by Bayview Printing Company for amazing Milwaukee designer Whitney Anderson of Wit&co, we knew that we wanted BVPC to bring our vision to life. After discussing our design and goals and life with BVPC, Yalanda and I eventually had some really, really amazing pinbacks produced by Bayview Printing Company. When I paid for the pinbacks, I was so stoked that they were real and were going to be put to good use. When I got home, I was even more floored when I saw the email from Ashley telling me BVPC was refunding my payment as an in-kind donation to our cause. This amount, $310.00, will be added to the total donation amount earned from sales of the pins.

So simple math tells us that if we sell 100 pins at 10.01 each = $1001.00 + $310.00(BVPC) = $1311.

What will the Aurora Sinai NICU do with the money?
We don’t know, but we do know they will put it to use in a way that serves the needs of their patients.
How will you know that we donated the money?
Because I'll post the receipt, like I always do when I give like this.

While Bea didn’t get to see her first birthday, many many other little ones do and many more to follow thanks to the incredible science and love the team at Aurora puts forth every second of everyday.

Very Big Story
I believe that art communicates across the planes. Music is how we speak and listen. Visual Art is how we show and see. Both express the things our words often fall short of. To me, these pins, and the paintings, and prints are a way of communicating with Bea, from this place to that other place. Marking this space and time and giving her a place to visit until we all get to be with each other again.

With all of that, if you feel inclined to help, hit the link at the top.
Thanks. Love. Always.
Jason, Yalanda, Bea

-Made from soft white enamel and gold metal.
-Size 1 IN across

-Made from heavyweight cardstock paper
-Embossed and die-cut by Bayview Printing Company